4 June 2019 – Trump and Fox News! Two Topics Right in PZ’s Wheelhouse

We haven’t seen PZ talk about Trump in the short time we’ve had this site active, and that’s surprising because Trump’s been living rent-free in PZ’s head for years. But a Presidential visit to the UK and a couple tweets about Fake News and PZ’s so apoplectic he can’t tell the truth!

PZ Myers Lie:

“First thing he does on his trip to the UK is look for Fox News, and get distressed when he can’t find it..”



PZ links to a Raw Story piece breathlessly reporting on a couple Trump tweets. The only problem for PZ is that Trump never mentions Fox News – he calls out CNN specifically in the tweets cited by the piece. PZ simply makes this up.


We actually see a lot of commonalities between PZ Myers and Donald Trump. Both use lies in the furtherance of their own agenda, only we think Trump is doing it at a much higher level. We didn’t quite understand the game of 3D chess Trump plays until we read Scott Adams’ analysis prior to the 2016 election, and we’ve not looked at Trump the same way ever since.

PZ is a less successful version of Trump, obviously, but he’s also not really playing the same game. Trump uses lies in the service of persuasion – to try to get himself a favorable deal or press coverage or the like. PZ doesn’t want a deal. He wants everyone to view the world through the lens of his lies and act in a way that pleases him.

He can’t compromise. There are no deals for PZ Myers.

But there are lies. Lots of them

 PZ Myers Lie #2:

Old man, there’s a reason Fox News died in the UK: it’s the Republican Party Propaganda Channel.



This is clearly a lie for two reasons. Fox News went off the air in the UK both because of its ratings and a pending 21st Century Fox deal to buy Sky, not because it is a “propaganda channel.” Secondly, while it undoubtedly tilts farther to the right than most other major media outlets, Fox News is not a “propaganda channel” for the Republican Party. Many liberal Democrats work for Fox News and anyone who has spent any amount of time watching the channel will tell you, at least two sides of a political debate are usually represented on the network.


We here at PZWatch have a personal connection to the network. We sat down with Roger Ailes some years ago while he was still running the network and he explained to us their philosophy. The very first anecdote he cited was the network’s decision to report on George W. Bush’s arrest for DWI just before Election Day in 2000, a move that could have cost him the election with Al Gore. The “propaganda channel” of the Republican Party wouldn’t have done that, and while we will agree that Fox is more friendly than, say, MSNBC to conservative guests and ideas, to accuse them of propaganda is a blatant lie.

PZ Myers Lie #3:

“It’s a narrow niche, and people outside the USA and outside of your partisan worldview find it repellent and ugly.”



PZ is still talking about Fox News in this quote. We’ve lived outside the US for many years now and can confirm the people do not find the cable channel repellent or ugly. We also find it a bit strange to have to write that sentence, but then again we are in the business of documenting PZ Myers’s lies so we’re going to have to write a lot of strange sentences.


There is something about Fox News that winds PZ up almost as much as Trump does. We’re not quite sure what it is, but we’d love to bottle it and sell it to University of Minnesota Morris biology students. They could torment him for years.

We think it might have something to do with Fox News’ popularity. For decades it’s been the most watched cable news channel, and PZ can’t abide a news organization not hewing closely to the progressive party line. Balance is most definitely not something he’s interested in.

And neither is truth, which is why we end today with three PZ Myers lies.

Final Tally:

Today: 0 science, 4 MORE posts on politics.

Since 30 May 19: 3 science-related posts, 21 non-science posts

Today: 3 PZ Myers Lies

Since 30 May 19: 11 PZ Myers Lies

Over to you, PZ. Until tomorrow.