BONUS POST: A PZ Myers Hypocrisy Moment

If we wanted to keep track of every PZ Myers Hypocrisy Moment, we’d have to hire A LOT more staff, but occasionally one falls into our lap.

On 30 May 2019, PZ posted a video of someone committing a small act of civil disobedience by snatching a Confederate flag from a secessionist group on the other side of the street. He titled the post, “The hero we need.”

Civil disobedience = good, right?

Not so fast.

Just a few days later he posted a video of a different person committing a similarly small act of civil disobedience by snatching the microphone away from Kamala Harris while she was speaking at an event. This person must be a hero, too, right?


” the guy with the man-bun was inappropriate and disruptive and making his cause look bad.”

We used to get whiplash reading PZ Myers until we realized that he doesn’t have any real principles except one: Progressives/left = good, Conservatives/right = evil. This simple formulation explains most of the lies we document here at PZWatch, and it explains how he can post these two items within days of each other.

We wish he’d just be honest and say the only principle that matters to him is power and he wants the left to have it all and the right to have none.

And we’d think hard about leaving him alone if he said that.

But, as he still tries to maintain at least the facade of objectivity and reason, and as long as he continues to insist that truth and science are things to strive for, we’ll be here to document his lies and, occasionally, his hypocrisy.