3 Sep – A Weird Lie And a Retroactive Lie

When we first read PZ Myers’s post on evolution today, we thought to ourselves, “He’s back, doing what he does best!” We didn’t even read the piece by Barbara Kay that PZ tears apart because we didn’t think we needed to. Why should we? These subjects – evolution and biology – are right in his […]

2 Sep – Does This Post Count As Noticing?

PZ Myers does this odd thing – he’s done it twice in the last few days – where he writes about something while trying to claim credit for simultaneously noticing and not noticing that thing. It’s at least as confusing as our sentence structure, so let’s give an example. Today, he wrote about an atheist […]

22 Aug – Have We Become Jaded?

PZ Myers asks this question today, before denouncing a protester who shoved a privileged politician. A sharp eyed reader might ask: why would he care about violence? He’s been excusing antifa violence for months, hasn’t he? The short answer is: the politician in question is a Democrat, and the issue in question isn’t one PZ […]

17 Aug – PZ Myers Is…

…usually not telling the truth. That’s why PZWatch exists, to document his lies. But, if we lacked integrity, we could regularly write the words, “PZ Myers is…” followed by any slur you could imagine to try to make PZ look bad. Would it have any effect? To those who already think PZ is a somewhat […]

15 July – PZ Myers and Terrorism

It’s been an interesting couple months for PZ Myers. On May 26th, he was touting the peaceful nature of progressive activists. On July 15th, he’s writing fondly about a progressive terrorist. There’s plenty to get into today, so let’s dig right in. PZ Myers Lie [in bold]: There’s an argument to be made that he […]