1 July – Six Lies: How PZ Myers Embraces an Antifa Assault on a Journalist

Today saw PZ Myers at his despicable worst. We try to stay lighthearted and inject this site with humor as best we can, but days like today make us question our life choices. Who could read PZ today and not find him a horrible human being?

The worst part is: we know PZ, we predicted it. Yesterday, we wrote about a Portland, Oregon Antifa group who viciously assaulted a reporter covering their march. PZ, we said…

…won’t report on this. Or, if he does – several days from now when the news has died down – he will spin it so it becomes the reporters fault that a mob beat him bloody. We hope we’re wrong, but we don’t think we will be.


It didn’t take several days for PZ to find the right spin, it took one. We dive into the lies it took him to get there below.

PZ Myers Lie:

Andy Ngo, faux-journalist and enabler of right-wing bigotry, got milkshaked the other day.



There are three lies in this opening sentence, but in keeping with our longstanding policy of giving PZ Myers the benefit of the doubt, we’ll only charge him with one. Andy Ngo is an actual journalist and editor of the Quillette website. We’re not sure how one ‘enables’ right-wing bigotry, but we know Andy Ngo, as the “the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants,” doesn’t fit that bill. And while he did apparently have a milkshake thrown on him, it was only after being beaten to the point of brain hemorrhage.

Analysis: PZ is just clearing his throat. This is going to be a long one, folks, buckle up.

PZ Myers Lie #2:

Here’s Ngo getting hosed down with milkshakes and silly string, when someone runs forward and clocks him hard.



PZ tries to claim that Antifa was interacting with Ngo harmlessly until one person decided to “clock him.” However, in the video PZ cites, Ngo was hosed down with milkshakes and silly string only after being brutally punched and kicked by multiple people, not before. In the main, Antifa’s activity in the clip PZ posted was violent and dangerous, not harmless.


This is yet another example of PZ’s lies being exposed by the very source material he cites. Once again, he’s able to do this because he knows no one in his audience will take him to task for it. They’ve all been carefully curated and conditioned not to question his lies.

A defender of PZ Myers might say, “So what? The order of things don’t matter much here.” We might agree, in a vacuum, but none of this exists in a vacuum. With his first lie, PZ discredits Ngo’s status as a journalist so it becomes more acceptable for Antifa to attack him. Here (and below) he lies about the attack itself in order to minimize it, so the reader doesn’t think Antifa did anything that bad. Later on, we’ll discuss lies where Ngo the journalist becomes Ngo the fascist and this kind of attack becomes not only ok, but “necessary.” This is a long rhetorical journey, stay with us.

PZ Myers Lie #3:

He was bleeding and went to an emergency room…



Mr. Ngo suffered a “crack [to] his skull…[and] a brain hemorrhage that required Ngo’s overnight hospitalization.”


This is the only lie we’ve tallied thus far that we think PZ Myers might be able to successfully challenge. While he is technically correct that Ngo was “bleeding,” it understates the severity of his injuries to the point of absurdity. PZ is following the blueprint we lay out above. In the next lie, he tries to compare the attack on Ngo to a different attack on a different day that Ngo witnessed but didn’t participate in.

PZ Myers Lie #4:

Yet in his commentary on this event, he is unperturbed and even tries to justify it as deserved because Clark had disrupted a James Damore speaking event and damaged some sound equipment.



Mr. Ngo does not try to justify the violence against Clark. In the same Twitter thread that PZ cites, Ngo explains the reason why he named Clark (the action PZ claims was a justification). Ngo writes, ” She’s a local activist who has been in media for violently sabotaging an event on PSU campus. Her identity is relevant to the story.”


PZ is trying to set up an equivalency here, but it’s false. He’s still following the blueprint, and there’s more to come.

PZ Myers Lie #5:

If you google “Heather Clark antifa” you will find lots of right wing sites crowing triumphantly over the young woman getting seriously injured. Some of the same sites are now aghast that Ngo has been injured. I guess there’s a peculiar asymmetry at work here — punching antifa is heroic, but punching fascists is bad. 



This is the culmination of all the the lies PZ told above. In this paragraph, Ngo – the “the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants” – goes from being a ‘faux-journalist’ (Lie #1 above) to a fascist. PZ offers no evidence that Ngo is a fascist, despite ample evidence to the contrary. He completely inverts the truth here.


PZ has to turn Ngo from a journalist – which is undoubtedly true – to a fascist – which is undoubtedly false – in order to justify the rest of his despicable rant. If Ngo is just an innocent bystander documenting the events of that day, then Antifa has no reason to assault him. But, if he’s a fascist, someone actively participating in racist and neo-Nazis activities, in PZ’s mind that is justification for the attack. But there’s more to come.

PZ Myers Lie #6:

Antifa would have nothing to do if the police were doing their job and peacefully removing the right-wing instigators from these events.



Once again, Andy Ngo was not a “right-wing instigator” of anything. He was a journalist, peacefully covering the protest. Antifa clearly wanted to ‘instigate’ something with him instead.


The last time we were banned from Pharyngula (the impetus for beginning this website, actually), we were commenting on Antifa violence. In that post, PZ wrote this:

But the important point is that people of principle are beginning to escalate, still not doing real physical harm against opponents who have shot people, murdered them with cars, or dispatched roving gangs to assault people on the street. They are throwing dairy products or eggs.


His point was that progressive protesters – Black Lives Matter is the group he singles out – were not causing physical harm, but responding to violence with peaceful protest. When we brought up the fact that the very BLM protest he cites was not peaceful, and that it does make sense to respond to true violence in kind, PZ banned us with these words:

So you must support Black Lives Matter and transgender rights, then? Because you can’t deny they face lethal oppression, and therefore should not meet that threat peaceably. It’s amazing that they do.


In the space of a little over a month, PZ Myers has gone from claiming, falsely, that progressive groups are entirely peaceful to embracing the violence Antifa demonstrated on the streets of Portland.

I’ll trust antifa to fight for right, more than I would the Proud Boys or neo-Nazis. I’d prefer more milkshakes and eggs over blood and broken bones, though.


At no point does PZ Myers condemn the Antifa attack against Andy Ngo.

At no point does PZ Myers say there should be no blood or broken bones.

We want to be careful about making the claim that PZ Myers is advocating violence against journalists who report things he doesn’t like, but we see no other way around that conclusion.

We take no solace in exposing PZ’s depravity. This is not fun for us. We started this website because it was fascinating to watch PZ get away with lie after lie, but days like today…well, we’ll leave it at that.

Final Tally:

Today: 2 science-related posts, 3 posts on other stuff

Since 30 May 19: 41 science-related posts, 89 non-science posts.

30% of the posts on a “science blog” are about science. 

Today: 6 PZ Myers Lies

Since 30 May 19: 39 PZ Myers Lies

Over to you, PZ. Until tomorrow.