24 June – PZ Breaks his Lie Streak!

He was doing so well, too.

Almost two dozen posts over the last few days and for a while it looked to us like he was going to get through one more day without a lie, but PZ Myers always finds a way to disappoint. Today he couldn’t resist the siren song of Bret Weinstein and the patriarchy.

PZ Myers Lie:

“‘The hair in your armpits broadcasts adaptive messages we don’t know much about,’ therefore there is no patriarchy. You wouldn’t be stinky if it weren’t adaptive.
Everything in that is just wrong.



PZ is responding to a tweet from Bret Weinstein, who is responding to a tweet from Slate magazine, so we’ll take this in order. Here is Slate: “Deodorants were created to solve a fake problem and thrived thanks to the patriarchy.” Here is Weinstein: “Deodorant is worse than a scam. The hair in your armpits broadcasts adaptive messages we don’t know much about. Also, as terrible as femininity-expectations may be (e.g. sweating isn’t ladylike) deodorant is worn by men too–> “Patriarchy” is a broken concept. Let’s get past it.”

Weinstein never claimed that “there is no patriarchy,” he said it was a broken concept. And he made no claims about odor, either. Everything in PZ’s description of what Weinstein said is just wrong because PZ made it up. This one is easy, and could have been two separate lies but in keeping with our longstanding tradition of giving him the benefit of the doubt, we’re scoring it only as one.


We have no idea whether or not Weinstein’s ideas on underarm hair and “adaptive messages” make any sense, but he’s a biologist and evolutionary theorist so we’ll concede he might know a bit more than we do on the subject. PZ also knows a bit more than we do on the subject, but he doesn’t explain why he thinks the idea is “one of the most absurd evolutionary arguments ever,” he simply asserts it without evidence.

He can do this because Bret Weinstein – a self-proclaimed progressive – has committed the unforgivable sin of criticizing progressives. We won’t rehash the goings-on at Evergreen State that put Weinstein in the national spotlight – and in PZ’s permanent dog-house – but needless to say, PZ was not a fan and as a consequence, every idea Weinstein utters is subject to ridicule. You might think that is hyperbole but like many other things in the PZ Myers universe, the truth is much stranger than fiction. PZ once sang the praises of an academic proposal, to the tune of wondering if it was the best proposal ever, then just dismissed it out of hand because it was written by a Republican (and even that was a lie: Glenn Reynolds is a Libertarian).

We’ve said it before: power, not truth, matters to PZ Myers. Weinstein has no power because he criticized the progressives at Evergreen State. We suspect Weinstein could, hypothetically, come up with the ultimate evolutionary/atheist argument that would somehow destroy religion for good and PZ would call bullshit on it just because of who Weinstein is.

This, friends and neighbors, is why PZWatch is doomed to live a long, fruitful life documenting his lies.

Final Tally:

Today: 2 science-related posts, 5 posts on other stuff

Since 30 May 19: 31 science-related posts, 73 non-science posts.

30% of PZ’s posts on a “science blog” have been about science. 

Note: Most of PZ’s posts on science since 30 May have been dedicated to a spider data gathering initiative. There have been precious few posts on anything else having to do with science. When the spider initiative is complete, we’ll take a look at the numbers and parse out how much other science content he provides.

Today: 1 PZ Myers Lie

Since 30 May 19: 28 PZ Myers Lies

Over to you, PZ. Until tomorrow.

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