8 Nov – This is the End

163 days ago, when we started this project, we had simple goals: have a bit of fun fact-checking a formerly famous sceptical atheist, and see if we can get him to tell the truth.

It’s safe to say we failed.

Truth does not matter to PZ Myers. He is more than happy to advance an easily exposed internet hoax as long as it furthers his ideological agenda, and he has a unique inability to tell the truth about those he perceives to be his political enemies.

We don’t think he will ever change, but, more importantly for our purposes, we don’t think we have the ability to persuade him to change. To feel ignominy about one’s compulsive lying means a person must have the desire to tell the truth in the first place. We’ve concluded, after five months of study, that political power is the only thing that matters to PZ Myers and he will say or do anything to further the prospects of his chosen tribe gaining more of it.

We’ve also stopped having fun, and this is perhaps the most important reason for bringing his experiment to a close. In the beginning, we got some enjoyment out of exposing the overt methods PZ uses to lie to his readers. But, of late, we found ourselves dreading to click our oft-used Pharyngula bookmark. Other, more important (and more enjoyable) projects now compete for our time and attention and as a result, this week, we came to the reluctant conclusion that it was time to quit this (volunteer, unpaid) job.

PZ lied a few more times since we last posted, but we’re not going to cover them here. Our final-final tally is below, and the numbers, even without those lies, are striking. In 163 days, “scientist” PZ Myers has lied at least 170 times, but has only written 131 posts related to science. He has corrected none of those lies – not even the two hoaxes he helped spread a couple weeks ago.

To the few readers who have come along with us on this journey, we say thank you. It was a long and niche road, to be sure, and while it would be tempting to say we’re glad to have it in our rear-view mirror, there will no doubt be days when we miss it.

We have no plans to remove this site from the internet in the near future. We will keep our email addresses active as well, if you’d like to get in touch. We’ve thought about writing a longer, magazine-length piece that would include some of PZ’s greatest hits from the past five months, but we have no plans to publish it anytime soon.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Final Tally:

Since 30 May 19: 131 science-related posts, 561 non-science posts.

19% of the posts on a “science blog” are about science. 

Since 30 May 19: 170 PZ Myers Lies

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