29 Oct – PZ Myers Spreads ANOTHER Hoax


Just a few days after exposing PZ’s role in this internet hoax, we’ve discovered that he’s engaged in yet another one.

Lots of visual aids for this post, so let’s get started

PZ Myers Lie:

Fake Gary Varvel Political Cartoon


We screencapped and reproduced the entire blog post here because we don’t know when or if PZ will decide to delete it. At issue is the political cartoon in the centre of the post. Myers presents it as a real political cartoon, drawn by a conservative artist. He says he’s had “a look at some of his other cartoons.” PZ presents it as the authentic work of Gary Varvel.

The only problem? It’s not. It’s a hoax.

Here is the real cartoon:


The author of the hoax cartoon makes a number of changes:

  1. The “No Fly Zone” sign over Washington state has been changed to “Free Weed.”
  2. The “No Farting Cows” art has been removed.
  3. “Bureau of Printing Money” has been replaced with “Public Housing.”
  4. “No Gas Powered Cars” has been replaced with “Union Power.”
  5. “The Rich” in the Atlantic has been replaced with (it’s hard to read, but this should have been the giveaway) “Bourgie Pigs Being Fed to the Sharks.”
  6. “Navy” has been replaced with “MFing Pirates, Yo.”

The authentic cartoon makes much more comic sense – from a conservative perspective – than the fake one PZ reproduces, rendering nearly all of his commentary moot. And a lie.


We realised a few days ago that PZ had gone off the deep end, we just didn’t realise how far gone he was. He’s a parody of himself now, a sceptic spreading easily falsified hoaxes because they feed into his established biases.

We want to say something like, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” But, was he ever that mighty to begin with? We have a hard time believing that we ever respected him at all.

Final Tally:

Today: 1 science-related post, 5 posts on other stuff

Since 30 May 19: 126 science-related posts, 527 non-science posts.

19% of the posts on a “science blog” are about science. 

Today: 1 PZ Myers Lie

Since 30 May 19: 170 PZ Myers Lies

Over to you, PZ. Until tomorrow.

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